The downtrodden education system in Punjab is an issue for the entire province. Therefore, the Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) devised a policy to devolve the management of low-performing primary schools into the worthy hands of the private sector while incurring financial expenses. In this regard, Punjab Education Foundation entrusted the managerial skills of Ghazali Education Foundation (GEF) and tendered 82 schools in the districts of Bhakhar and Mianwali. The primary problems of these schools were high dropouts and low enrollments coupled with a lack of quality education. These factors further exacerbated the problem as the parents stopped sending their children to school. Therefore, soon after the possession, GEF launched an awareness campaign in both districts in order to educate the people about the wonders of education. Trust founded local school committees and Mother’s Forum to further raise awareness in the community regarding education. The campaign was so successful that the net enrollment rate increased many folds. The average enrollment per school jumped from 42 students to 112 students. Moreover, the trust renovated all these schools and fulfilled their basic necessities i.e. 55 classrooms and 20 washrooms have been built by the trust. Besides, it conducted teacher training workshops on cluster bases to enhance the teachers’ efficiency. Due to the managerial and administrative skills of GEF, the dropout rate has been decreased to 5% and the net enrollment rate is increasing day by day.

Success story

Success Story

Fozia Bibi

the daughter of Nabi Khan is studying in class 4th in the Governmental Girls Primary School Chak # 7 Rakh Dala, District Bhakhar for the last four years. Her father works as a laborer in the construction of buildings. When she was asked about her feelings about the change in administration of the school under the Public School Support Program, she said “when we came to know that our teachers were being transferred to other schools we were disappointed because we had a very cordial relation with them. It caused worry amongst us that we might not be able to adjust with new teachers.

We were surprised when the newly appointed female teachers and principal developed a conducive environment in a very short span of time. People of our village, who did not send their children to school because of lack of quality of education, trusted the new administration of GEF and admitted their children to school. Suddenly, the number of students began to increase in the school. I think, after one year, that the adoption of our school by GEF is truly a blessing of Allah. We, the children of entire village, are very grateful to the administration of GEF for providing us a quality education in a very congenial atmosphere.

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is providing education to more than 97249 students in 39 districts of Pakistan through its network of 669 schools. GEF has offered a range of educational programs which are comprehensive in scope whether its Orphan Needy Support Program, GEF is providing free educational services to deserving and needy students.

Similarly, its Rural Inclusive Education Program and education program for Hindu community is furthering hundreds of students with special needs and Hindu children in getting education.In future, Ghazali Education Foundation (GEF) aims to expand its activities in other remote areas of Pakistan.