The educational deprivation of Balochistan is a great concern for the whole nation. If there is a province that needs the collective attention of the entire country, is Balochistan. Therefore, Ghazali Education Foundation (GEF) felt the need to elevate the standard of education in Balochistan in order to educate the children and to align them in the mainstream of Pakistan. In 2011, GEF established seven schools in districts of Ziarat and Lorelei and their number has been increased to seven this year. GEF aims to provide quality education without the discrimination of gender, cast, creed, or religion. To ensure the net enrollment rate, GEF launched the awareness campaign with the help of native individuals to urge the community to send their children to school. The campaign paid itself, and currently, hundreds of students are getting value-based quality education in the most remote areas of Balochistan at their doorsteps. GEF makes sure the enrollment of girls and persuades the community to send their daughters as well. Consequently, the boys and girls ratio is 54% and 46% respectively in GEF schools. However, Balochistan needs the collective effort of the whole nation. We, therefore, appeal to every individual to play his constructive role in the educational development of Balochistan.

Success story

Success Story

Village Mekhtar

is considered as the most remote village of Loralai, deprived of basic needs to live, located at the distance of 65 km. from the main city. it was very difficult for the children of this village to go to school every day. Thus, GEF established a school in this village on the wishes of its residents. Now the children of this village are very happy upon the new school. One of the students of Ghazali Education Foundation (GEF) School Mekhtar shared his story with us. “My name is Azeem Shah and I am studying in the 8th class. My village is considered as one of the most underdeveloped village of the district where we lack in our basic needs and quality education.

Most of the students are poor and cannot afford the burden of study but GEF has provided us an opportunity to get a quality education at our doorsteps. Before this school, I had to cover a distance of three km to reach the school which caused so much distress in me. Now, it is very comfortable for me to get education because of GEF school. I am very grateful to this trust because it not only educates me but also helpes me to develop my character. One day I shall become an Army Officer and shall serve my nation.”

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is providing education to more than 97249 students in 39 districts of Pakistan through its network of 669 schools. GEF has offered a range of educational programs which are comprehensive in scope whether its Orphan Needy Support Program, GEF is providing free educational services to deserving and needy students.