The common assumption about an orphan is a child who has lost his parents but Ghazali Education Trust adopts a more inclusive definition that tends to focus on a child who is deprived of parental care. Thereby, GET initiated an Orphan/Needy support program (ONSP) at the moment of its inception to accommodate those children who do not have parents or their parents don’t take care of them in order to provide them an opportunity to get a quality education. Therefore, GET designed a comprehensive educational program for the orphan/ needy students in more than 35 districts of rural Pakistan. Now, GET is assisting 4400 students to get a free quality education in order to improve their socio-economic and moral conditions. Besides this, GET is also providing free books, uniforms, school bags, and shoes to the registered orphan/needy students with the help of donors and other organizations. Moreover, Trust embraces them and regularly held events to comfort them and gives them gifts on special occasions like Eid or Orphan day. However, Ghazali Education Trust is sponsoring thousands of orphan/needy students in rural Pakistan but millions of students are waiting for your assistance to get a free education.

Success story

Success Story

Noor Fatima

The story of Noor Fatima is the story of every orphan who lost every hope to study after the death of her parents. Ghazali Education Trust provides hope to these desolate children and encourages them to pursue their goals. “My name is Noor Fatima. I am studying in class Two in Ghazali Education Trust School Maliyan Sheikhupura. The only thing I remember about my father is that he often said to me that my daughter will be a doctor someday, but after the death of him, I lost every hope. Thereafter, Ghazal Education Trust took the responsibility for my education.
Trust provides me free education, books, school bags, shoes and stationery. Most importantly, GET gives me a hope to fulfill my father’s dreams. Insha’Allah I will study hard and will become a doctor one day.” She is very friendly and has a good relationship with other girls. Teachers of Noor Fatima are also very optimistic about her. In the words of her teacher “Noor Fatima is a very brilliant and hardworking student. I am sure that she will become a Doctor in future”.
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is providing education to more than 97249 students in 39 districts of Pakistan through its network of 669 schools. GET has offered a range of educational programs which are comprehensive in scope whether its Orphan Needy Support Program, GET is providing free educational services to deserving and needy students.