The army operation in 2008/09 in north-western province against militants, forced the residents to leave their homes and towns. They were internally displaced and took shelter in camps and children were unable to continue their educational activities. In view of the situation, GEF established tent schools for the children of IDP’s of Swat, Boner and Malakand in two major camps (Sheikh Yaseen Camp, Parhooti Camp). GEF, along with other organizations, established separate schools for girls and boys with morning and evening programs. In these camps hundreds of children were able to get connected with their academic career. In addition to this, they were also imparted with hope, confidence and love.

Emergency Relief for Earthquake affected Schools

October 8, 2005 came like a doomsday in Pakistan as the devastating earthquake destroyed the life and infrastructure. Pakistan has to bear the greatest loss in this earthquake, millions of people were affected who either lost their loved ones or habitat. It was a challenge to help these people in joining the mainstream of life. Ghazali Education Foundation (GEF) along with Foundation of the Faithful (FOF) rose to the occasion to educate the children; the future generation of Pakistan.

With the active cooperation of FOF USA, GEF has provided free education to all orphan and needy students in the earthquake hit area. The students were provided with books, bags, uniforms, shoes etc. FOF USA also supported GEF to provide basic infrastructure in these schools like buildings and furniture. FOF supported 14 schools in the earthquake hit areas in which almost 2000 affected children get quality education

COVID-19 Emergency Relief

Ghazali Education Foundation (GEF), one of the largest education networks in Pakistan with 650+ schools and 100,000 students of the marginalized communities, is working with the vulnerable communities for last 25 years. The last few months were disastrous for the families of our students as their earning hands lost their work due to covid-19 pandemic.

Realizing the needs of these families GEF has initiated “Family Support Program”food packages to more than 3000+ families to save our students from hunger and malnutrition. But the number of families who need support is huge. In this hour of need GEF seeks the helping hands to come forward for this noble cause to serve the unserved by providing the necessary support during this pandemic.