The basic purpose of GET was the upliftment of the economic backwaters areas of Pakistan by establishing educational institutes for providing quality education based on the values of quality, equality, and transparency. The statistics from the economic survey revealed that 21% of primary schools in the country are being run by a single teacher while 14% have one room. Of all the children enrolled in a primary school in Pakistan, 69% are retained until class 5 and only 28% until class 10, by the higher-secondary level almost 85% are not in school. GET’s “Pakistan Rural Education Program” (PREP) is endeavoring to open new schools in rural areas of Pakistan where the process of education is degenerating due to the absence of appreciable schools. PREP impulses to provide an education that has a valuable synthesis of modern knowledge with Islamic values and beliefs in order to enable the new generation to face the challenges of modern society. This program is focusing on establishing new schools in all provinces like schools for minorities, colleges for women, and resource rooms for special children. Additionally, PREP is also providing its assistant to public schools to increase their efficiency. Currently, 650 schools are providing quality based education to more than 100,000 students.

Success story

Success Story

Sana Nazir

is a student presently studying in GET School, 30 G.B Faisalabad. Her story is among one of the success stories of Ghazali Education Trust. “My name is Sana Nazir and my father name is Muhammad Nazir. I have four sisters and a brother. I am studying in class 6th of Ghazali Education Trust School 30 G.B, Faisalabad. My father died in my early childhood and at that time there was no bread earner in my family. In these difficult circumstances, GET showed us a ray of hope. My four sisters and brother named Yasmin Nazir, Zainab Nazair, Fozia Nazir, Muhammad Azeem Nazir and Misbah Nazir got education from school established by GET under its rural education program. 

My two elder sisters taught in PREP schools after the completion of their intermediate education. The trust helped them in the continuation of their studies, and by virtue of which, they were able to peruse their Master’s in Education (M.Ed.). Moreover, GET helped us in the marriages of my elder sisters and incurred most of the expenses. The trust also helped my brother in setting a shop. Finally, I want to thank GET because if GET had not been there for us, we would surely not have been able to lead a dignified life.”
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is providing education to more than 97249 students in 39 districts of Pakistan through its network of 669 schools. GET has offered a range of educational programs which are comprehensive in scope whether its Orphan Needy Support Program, GET is providing free educational services to deserving and needy students.
Similarly, its Rural Inclusive Education Program and education program for Hindu community is furthering hundreds of students with special needs and Hindu children in getting education.In future, Ghazali Education Trust aims to expand its activities in other remote areas of Pakistan.